Live Dates

Date City Venue Country
01/04/24 Berlin Panke (Trio with Dane Joe, Manu Louis) DE
01/27/24 St.Gallen Spagatklubfestival CH
02/22/24 Hamburg MS Stubnitz DE
03/15/24 Berlin Berghain Kantine (Gordan) DE
03/22/24 Faenza Clandestino IT
03/23/24 Macerata Dong IT
03/29/24 Brescia Spettro IT
03/30/24 Rome Trenta Formiche IT
04/07/24 Brussels BRDCST Festival (Gordan) BE
06/27/24 Lärz Fusion Festival, Tube Station DE
06/28/24 Lärz Fusion Festival, Tube Tresen DE
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new release in 2022

out now:
a million magnets
feat. Andrea Belfi, Yuko Matsuyama, Jana Plewa, Ansgar Wilken

Much of a million magnets sounds as if Möbius has left the music to its own devices. As if he has given it space instead of closing it in and channelising. 
Little seems to be organised, reflected or calculated. Rather it booms and pulses and chugs and swells.

Batagur Baska
(Shitkatapult, 2016)

Though The Darkness Gathers
(Karaoke Kalk, 2013)

(Karaoke Kalk, 2012)

(Karaoke Kalk, 2009)

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